Saturday, December 24, 2011

Hanging with Grammie and Grandad

Last weekend Michael was at work and I was in desperate need of a few hours to wrap presents and get organized!  My mom and dad came by to pick up Miss Olivia for a day of fun at Crown Center!  Olivia was so excited to hang out with Grammie, Grandad and her buddy Colin!  Grammie was so sweet to take my camera and snap a few pics!  She agrees with me that Miss O is not the easiest to photograph!! The girl never stops moving!  She had a blast riding the train and eating at Fritz's for lunch! Thanks Grammie, Grandad and Colin for a super fun day!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Santa Fun!

This holiday season has been so much fun so far because Olivia is really getting the whole Santa thing!! We talk about Santa everyday and our elf, Hank, is possibly the best behavior management tool!!  All we have to say is "Hank's watching" and within seconds she is making better choices! Olivia is so excited for Christmas she can hardly stand it!  
This past weekend Rod and Lori hosted a Santa/cookie making party!  The Santa at Zona Rosa is an old friend of theirs so he stopped by to visit their grandkids and Lori's sister, Trudy's grandkids.  It was so fun to see the excitement in Olivia, Johnny, Rylie, Emery, Max and Hudson's little faces!  Olivia told Santa over and over again that she wanted an Ariel Barbie, Lion King movie and Tinkerbelle movie!  Johnny couldn't take his eyes off of Santa!  Santa brought each of the kids a book and reminded them to listen to their mommies and daddies!!
After sitting on Santa's lap we decorated cookies!  Olivia LOVES sprinkles and covered all of her cookies! She had a blast and tasted almost every cookie as she decorated.  Daddy was a great helper during the decorating process.  Thank you Mema and Papa for  a fun night with family and Santa!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Our Gabba Girl!

Those of you that know Olivia, know that she is CRAZY about Yo Gabba, Gabba!  It all started about a year ago.  Michael and I thought the show was a little different, but it had a good message and lots of fun music.  Olivia became obsessed!  She insisted that the theme of her second birthday be Yo Gabba, Gabba.  Since then you can find this show on our television almost every afternoon after nap time!

When we heard Gabba, Gabba Live was coming to the music hall we knew we had to get tickets!! We told Olivia the day before and she asked me about hundred times "We go see Gabba live now?!!"

We dropped Johnny off at Grammie and Grandad's and headed to the show.  Seeing the excitement in her face when it began was priceless! She danced and sang and danced some more! It was worth every penny! Michael commented that seeing her excitement was better than any concert he had ever been too!  We had such a fun day with our Gabba girl!!

 Dressed and ready to go!

 We just dropped her brother off with Grammie and Grandad!

I'm ready to get my Gabba on! 

 Ready for the show to start!

 Having fun!

 Singing with mommy!

 It was intermission and Olivia wanted the show to come back on! 


 Singing the good-bye song.

Daddy texted this message during intermission. Look closely!

So tired!  This was five minutes after we got into the car! She was exhausted from all the fun!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Our Big Boy

I can't believe our sweet Johnny is six months old!  He is such a love bug and has brought so much joy to our lives!  His smile melts our hearts!! Olivia adores her brother. When Johnny starts to cry she runs to find his blue bear or offers her pig.  She is a great big sis to him!
 Johnny is such a big boy!  He had his six month appointment today and is just a few ounces shy of 21 pounds!  That is how much Olivia weighed at one year!! His stats were 95% for weight, 94% for head circumference and 89% for height!   I think we might have a future line backer on our hands! Let's just say the boy knows how to eat.
 These days he is rolling everywhere, smiling often, cooing, grabbing his feet and trying so hard to sit up on his own!  His favorite time of the day is bath and story time.  He also loves his days with his Mema!  We are so lucky to have such a sweet babes.

Our sweetie loves to smile!!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday was the perfect fall day! We loaded up the kiddos and headed to Carolyn's Pumpkin Patch.  Olivia has been talking all week about getting a pumpkin so we thought we'd go pick one together. Olivia was so excited she could hardly stand it!  We fed the animals, played on the playground, went on a hayride and picked a pumpkin.  She insisted on bringing home a baby pumpkin.  Michael pointed out many different to pick but she only wanted a baby one!!  We found the perfect fit and purchased it for our little darling.  She was definitely in heaven.  Johnny was such a good boy.  He sat in his stroller and hardly made a peep.  We ended the day with a pumpkin cookie and an apple slush! We had two very tired babies! It was the perfect day of fall family fun! 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Visiting Daddy!

Ok it has seriously been way too long since I have been on the blog!! August is by far the busiest time of the year for us teachers! I love it, but it sure is a super crazy time!
FOUR weeks ago we visited daddy at the fire station. It was Johnny's first time seeing daddy in action!  Olivia was so excited to show her brother the fire trucks daddy rides in:) We had a great time and daddy is keeping his fingers crossed that one day Johnny wants to follow in his foot steps!
Hanging out with daddy at the station

My two happy boys!

Being silly on daddy's bed

C'mon daddy! I'm ready to go put out the fire with you!

Olivia insisted that Piggy wear daddy's helmet!

I want to be a fire fighter too!! 

Friday, July 29, 2011

Fun at Fritz's

Oh my word!! It has been SO HOT out lately!! The heat has really limited our outdoor activities.  You can't really take a three month out in 100 degrees weather!  We were brainstorming fun things to do inside with our two little monkeys and Michael suggested Fritz's!

We grabbed our two babes and headed to Crown Center.  Olivia was immediately excited!  Who wouldn't love a restaurant where your food is brought to you on a train?!  We had so much fun watching her as the train passed our table.  Olivia kept saying "Come back train, come back!"  We had to order dessert so the train could come back one more time!  I mean really, we were thinking of Olivia and trying to make her happy!(I didn't object to enjoying a chocolate sundae!)  It was a fantastic day!
Posing with her best buddy Piggy in front of the train

Daddy and his peanut! 
Mommy and Johnny sporting our new hats!
Olivia not wanting to smile for the camera! 
There's her smile!! Enjoying the sundae with daddy!