Saturday, December 24, 2011

Hanging with Grammie and Grandad

Last weekend Michael was at work and I was in desperate need of a few hours to wrap presents and get organized!  My mom and dad came by to pick up Miss Olivia for a day of fun at Crown Center!  Olivia was so excited to hang out with Grammie, Grandad and her buddy Colin!  Grammie was so sweet to take my camera and snap a few pics!  She agrees with me that Miss O is not the easiest to photograph!! The girl never stops moving!  She had a blast riding the train and eating at Fritz's for lunch! Thanks Grammie, Grandad and Colin for a super fun day!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Santa Fun!

This holiday season has been so much fun so far because Olivia is really getting the whole Santa thing!! We talk about Santa everyday and our elf, Hank, is possibly the best behavior management tool!!  All we have to say is "Hank's watching" and within seconds she is making better choices! Olivia is so excited for Christmas she can hardly stand it!  
This past weekend Rod and Lori hosted a Santa/cookie making party!  The Santa at Zona Rosa is an old friend of theirs so he stopped by to visit their grandkids and Lori's sister, Trudy's grandkids.  It was so fun to see the excitement in Olivia, Johnny, Rylie, Emery, Max and Hudson's little faces!  Olivia told Santa over and over again that she wanted an Ariel Barbie, Lion King movie and Tinkerbelle movie!  Johnny couldn't take his eyes off of Santa!  Santa brought each of the kids a book and reminded them to listen to their mommies and daddies!!
After sitting on Santa's lap we decorated cookies!  Olivia LOVES sprinkles and covered all of her cookies! She had a blast and tasted almost every cookie as she decorated.  Daddy was a great helper during the decorating process.  Thank you Mema and Papa for  a fun night with family and Santa!