Friday, July 29, 2011

Fun at Fritz's

Oh my word!! It has been SO HOT out lately!! The heat has really limited our outdoor activities.  You can't really take a three month out in 100 degrees weather!  We were brainstorming fun things to do inside with our two little monkeys and Michael suggested Fritz's!

We grabbed our two babes and headed to Crown Center.  Olivia was immediately excited!  Who wouldn't love a restaurant where your food is brought to you on a train?!  We had so much fun watching her as the train passed our table.  Olivia kept saying "Come back train, come back!"  We had to order dessert so the train could come back one more time!  I mean really, we were thinking of Olivia and trying to make her happy!(I didn't object to enjoying a chocolate sundae!)  It was a fantastic day!
Posing with her best buddy Piggy in front of the train

Daddy and his peanut! 
Mommy and Johnny sporting our new hats!
Olivia not wanting to smile for the camera! 
There's her smile!! Enjoying the sundae with daddy!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Family Fun

The weatherman was calling for rain yesterday so the four of us jumped in our car and headed to Cabella's for some indoor family fun!!  Michael has been working hard on a few side jobs lately so we were thrilled to spend some time with him!! Olivia was sooo excited to see all the fish!  She had a blast feeding the fish with daddy and mommy.  Johnny was a good little guy, just hanging out in his stroller and enjoying the scenery! We had a great time! 
"I'm ready daddy! I want to see the fishies!!"

Our little man!

Best buddies!

Olivia does not like to hold still and smile for the camera!!

Daddy and his little people!

Feeding the fish!  Olivia had a blast!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

God Bless Johnny and Maggie

Last Saturday Johnny and his cousin Maggie were baptized at St. Therese Catholic Church.  Johnny did such a great job!  There was no crying or tears when Fr. Mike poured holy water over his head.  Olivia was super excited for her brother to be baptized! During the ceremony Johnny wore a gown that his cousins Luke and Patrick wore during their baptism.  The gown was made out of aunt Suzanne's wedding dress! Johnny is blessed with two amazing sets of godparents, Aunt Kelli and Uncle Brian and Aunt Jamie and Uncle Ryan.  We had a wonderful time celebrating our son's first sacrament with our families.
Our pretty little niece Miss Maggie also did a fantastic job!  We are so lucky to be her godparents! Maggie wore the same  gown that Olivia wore when she was baptized.
Johnny being baptized by Fr. Mike Roach

Johnny and his parents and grandparents
Johnny with his parents and godparents, Uncle Ryan and Aunt Jamie and Aunt Kelli and Uncle Brian
Our family