Monday, November 7, 2011

Our Gabba Girl!

Those of you that know Olivia, know that she is CRAZY about Yo Gabba, Gabba!  It all started about a year ago.  Michael and I thought the show was a little different, but it had a good message and lots of fun music.  Olivia became obsessed!  She insisted that the theme of her second birthday be Yo Gabba, Gabba.  Since then you can find this show on our television almost every afternoon after nap time!

When we heard Gabba, Gabba Live was coming to the music hall we knew we had to get tickets!! We told Olivia the day before and she asked me about hundred times "We go see Gabba live now?!!"

We dropped Johnny off at Grammie and Grandad's and headed to the show.  Seeing the excitement in her face when it began was priceless! She danced and sang and danced some more! It was worth every penny! Michael commented that seeing her excitement was better than any concert he had ever been too!  We had such a fun day with our Gabba girl!!

 Dressed and ready to go!

 We just dropped her brother off with Grammie and Grandad!

I'm ready to get my Gabba on! 

 Ready for the show to start!

 Having fun!

 Singing with mommy!

 It was intermission and Olivia wanted the show to come back on! 


 Singing the good-bye song.

Daddy texted this message during intermission. Look closely!

So tired!  This was five minutes after we got into the car! She was exhausted from all the fun!