Monday, May 27, 2013

The Big Stage

Miss Olivia has spent every Saturday morning for the last 9 months dancing her little heart out and preparing for the big stage! We have LOVED Diane's School of dance this year!  It has been extra special for me, seeing Olivia dance in the same place I danced as a little girl!

Last Friday and Saturday we celebrated Olivia's first year of dance at the Dance Hall!  Olivia LOVED putting on her fancy costumes, getting her hair done by her Aunt Emily, and even getting to wear a little makeup!  When she made it to the stage, she was all smiles as she moved her little bootie to Fresh Beat Band and A You're Adorable.  She ended her big day with flowers from Grammie and Grandad and Mommy and Daddy!  Moments after leaving the recital, we received a phone call from Papa that Olivia and Johnny's cousin, Reagan, had arrived!! We were also off to celebrate Maggie's birthday!  What a fantastic, fun filled weekend!!

We've only been off of dance for a week, and Olivia has asked me twice when summer dance starts!  She said she misses Miss Megan, Miss Jennifer, Miss Sarah and all of her dance friends!   I think we have a future dancer on our hands!

 Maddie and Olivia

 Olivia and Kaylin

 Olivia and Miss Jennifer

 Ava and Olivia

 In line and ready to go!

 Olivia and Maggie

Mother's Day Tea

On Thursday, May 9th Olivia's preschool hosted a Mother's Day Tea Party!  I was so thankful I got to take off the morning from school and go be a mommy! When I arrived each mommy had a special spot.  I enjoyed visiting with Brooke's mommy and admiring Olivia's memory book as we waited for our preschoolers to make their appearance.

Ms. Tonya brought in her class and us mommies were serenaded! I loved all of the sweet songs!  Olivia was so excited to see me!  She kept waving to me from the risers!  After the songs, we ate together.  I will always remember our special tea together!

Getting ready to sing!!

 My beautiful mother's day gift made by Miss Olivia!!

My sweet card!

Olivia's first teacher Ms. Tonya!  I can only hope we have many more fabulous teachers just like this sweet one!

Standing next  to the portrait she made of me! 

Olivia and her friend Blake! Olivia and Blake were in the same preschool and dance class this year!

 Olivia and her friend, Brooke!