Sunday, September 29, 2013

Family Pics!

As a mommy I love the camera!  A moment comes and goes and with the lens you can truly freeze time.  I try and remember my babies a year ago and it isn't until I see a photo that I am taken back to that moment and able to remember it so vividly!   Because of this, I am always taking pictures and having our pictures taken!  Michael is such a good sport and always goes along with it, even if it means two cranky kids who have missed naps and want nothing to do with smiling!!!  This was Johnny at our most recent family photo session!  Luckily we had a great photographer and were able to capture many great moments in the park behind Michael's fire station!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Happy Grandparents' Day!

Just stopping in to say Happy Grandparents' Day to two amazing sets of grandparents!  Michael and I feel so blessed that our kids have such amazing grandparents!  We love you mom and dad and mom and dad! Thank you for loving our kid so much! XOXOXO

Proud of Daddy

We are so proud of daddy!!! Today Michael did the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb. He raised $350.00 to support the SAFE foundation.  A total of 343 fire brothers climbed 110 flights of stairs to honor their fire fighter brothers that died on 9/11.  The 110 flights of stairs represented the 110 flights in the World Trade Center.  Olivia, Johnny, Mema, Papa, Aunt J, Uncle Ryan and baby Raigen joined me in cheering on and watching Michael accomplish this amazing goal.  We are so proud of him!

Today was the second time he participated in this event.  He walked today for Edward Rall, a fallen fire fighter.  When each fire fighter finished they rang a bell and announced the name of the fire fighter they were climbing for. On that day 343 familes lost their heroes.  We are so thankful ours is here and able to continue to do what he loves!  We love you daddy and we are so proud of you!!

 A pink fire truck!!! Olivia was so excited to pose in front of this truck!!!

 Aunt Jamie helped Olivia hold the sign we made daddy!

 Lenexa fire fighters Frank, Tom, Chris and Michael

 My two year old loves fire trucks, fire helmets, fire hydrants and everything fire related.  When his daddy is at work he tells everyone "daddy is helping the people!" His daddy is truly his hero!   On 9/11 343 families lost their heroes.  I continue to pray for these families.  Feeling so thankful that our hero is still able to help the people!

 Olivia was so proud of the sign we made for daddy!

 Mema giving Michael a kiss right after he finished!!

 Rod, Lori and Michael

We are so proud of you daddy! 

 Mema bought them pink helmets!!  Olivia was so excited and of course Johnny wanted one too if his sister had one! 
Michael's cheering section!