Sunday, August 31, 2014

Kindergarten and Preschool Here We Come!

I can't believe we have a kindergartner and preschooler in our house!  Olivia has been talking all summer about going to kindergarten.  She has been hoping and hoping to get Ms. Bradley for her teacher this year!
When we took Olivia to meet the teacher night she got to find out who her teacher would be and see her new classroom. She was delighted to find out she got Ms. Bradley!!!  She couldn't stop smiling!

Next stop was Christ Lutheran for Johnny to meet his teachers, Mrs. H and Mrs. Freddie!  He was excited to have his turn!!

Two quick days later Michael and I were packing lunches and backpacks, fighting back a few tears and snapping a few photos before our babies were off for their big first days of school!

Olivia was all smiles and happy to let mom take a few pictures!!

 Johnny on the other hand was not so cooperative.  This is one of two photos I got of him . He refused to smile and would only make funny faces!
 First day of school for all three of us!
 Daddy isn't ready for Livy to start school everyday!
 Olivia and her friend, Mary Caroline
 Grammie came and found Olivia for a picture! 
 Outside her classroom!
 Excited to see Ms. Bradley for her first day of learning!!

Have a blast Olivia! Kindergarten rocks!!

What A Wonderful Summer Break!

Labor Day Weekend truly marks the end of summer.  It has been our best summer yet!  From lazy days at the pool to a trip to the lake with the Teson's and a trip to the beach with the Wells', we've had an absolute blast!! I will remember my specials days at home with my babies during the summer of 2014!! Here is our summer in photos!

Such an amazing summer!!!