Sunday, December 8, 2013

Snow Much Fun!

My kids adore snow! They have been asking a lot lately when we would see snow and be able to go outside and play in it!  I told them last night when they went to sleep that tomorrow might bring snow!  When they got out of bed, after looking for Hank, they rushed to the window to look for snow.  When they saw a little bit outside they cheered to go out... so we bundled up first thing this morning and headed outside!  Johnny was so excited! He was playful and having a blast. Olivia on the other hand had a hard time.  She was soooo hot she stated and was refusing to wear her coat. Sounds like a certain guy I am married to:)  I asked her to put clothes on under her snow pants and I thought she listened as I bundled up Johnny.  When we made it outside she had no shirt on and fought me on wearing her coat!  It wasn't funny in the moment as I was asking her to put her coat and telling her she would be going inside if she refused, but the pictures make me smile.

I'm good now that we got one little bit of snow... we can move on to spring!

"Let's go mom! I'm ready!"

Sooo hot....she just threw her gloves on the ground!

"It's soooo hot out here!"

Johnny was all smiles!

"Can I eat it?"

Hank is in the House!

Hank is back and our little sweeties are so excited! They have been hoping and planning and wishing and praying for our elf to return!  He arrived the Saturday after Thanksgiving!  Hank brought the kids breakfast, Christmas Pajamas and a note of course!

Hank has to be one of our favorite Christmas traditions!  Olivia and Johnny have woke up each morning and sprinted around the house looking for Hank's special spot!  At prayer time at night Olivia has requested to pray for Hank and all of his friends! She is so funny!  Of course Michael and I are having fun with it too....I text him pictures when he is at work where Hank has moved to in the house!  It's definitely beginning to look and sound like Christmas around our house!

Oh So Thankful!!

Thanksgiving is hands down one of my absolute favorite holidays!  I love spending the day with family, counting my many blessings, and of course eating! This year Michael was off and I was Oh so Thankful!!

We started the morning at my mom's for brunch and she did not disappoint!  I love her sausage rolls, breakfast casserole, cinnamon knots and candied bacon! Yummy!  It was so special because EVERYONE was there to give thanks!  We do not get to see our Texas cousins very often,so we were Oh So Thankful to spend the morning with family!

Next we headed to Michael's grandma's for dinner!  We were all ready for meal #2!  My mother-law and Rod's sisters made the most delicious meal! Turkey, and mashed potatoes, and corn, oh my!  I ended it with a yummy piece of cheesecake!!  Olivia and Johnny had a blast coloring with chalk at Grandma's with their cousins Rylie and Emery! It was great visiting with everyone and we were Oh so Thankful for our time at Grandma's with our family!

I am so thankful for this lady!  Not sure what I would do without her:) Love ya mom!

So grateful for my dad!  He is one of the hardest workers I know:) Love you dad!

We've got so much love for our Texas cousins!

My sweet niece and mother-in-law! I'm not sure what I would do without her too!  I am so lucky and grateful for all she does for Michael and I and the kids!  I don't have a picture of my father-in-law from Thanksgiving but we are Oh So Thankful for him too! He is such a great example  of a wonderful father and grandfather! 

Mema and Rylie! (aka Olivia's BFF!)

We love mema!  



My kids LOVE Halloween! Dressing up is definitely a favorite activity in Wellsville! For weeks Olivia talked all about wanting to be Sophia the First for the big dress up day! Johnny was undecided for a long time.  He shared ideas like a fireman, policeman, dinosaur, and many different super heroes!  He has been a fireman twice already so we were trying to help him come up with a new idea.  He settled on superman!

Michael worked on the day of Halloween so I was flying solo with trick or treating and passing out candy.  I felt so bad for him that he had to work, he loves Halloween.  He sent me more than one text asking to please text him pictures of the kids dressed up. Sweet :)

I had a classroom party that afternoon and was exhausted!  My super sweet mother-in-law invited us over for dinner when Olivia and I picked up Johnny!  We ate and got dressed at my in-laws and of course took some pictures!

We didn't get to see my parents that night because it took us an HOUR to get home! There was a bad wreck on 169 and I swear we didn't move for 20 minutes.. totally stuck on the highway!  We eventually made it home and went trick or treated with some neighbor friends.  Johnny was SOO funny!  After every house he wanted me to immediately open the candy he got so he could eat it.  I went with it at first, but after way too much candy I started saying no and he went nuts!!  This kid has such a sweet tooth!

To end the night the kids and I passed out candy. I think this was their favorite part. Olivia loved opening the door and greeting the many dressed up kids!  All in all it was a fun night!!

Two pretty girls all smiles!

Smooches for Mema!

Papa and Superman!

One last smile before we hit the road:) Mema, Sophia the First and Superman!

I want to be a teacher!

Olivia's preschool class has been learning all about Community Helpers.  Michael even visited her classroom and spoke about being a firefighter!  My mom also stopped in and spoke about being a teacher and principal!

As a culminating activity each of the kids got to pick what community helper they wanted to be and they dressed up for a parade and a little classroom presentation!I was lucky enough to sneak away from school for a few hours to see Miss Liv all dressed up like a teacher!  When I asked her what she wanted to wear she insisted on having reading glasses! We of course picked out some fake ones and got her a clipboard to carry.  The classroom was set up like a little community.  She was working in the church and school area.  She and her friend Teigan were working in this area and read to me the bible they had made with thier teacher's help. It was adorable!  To end the celebration we paraded through the elementary school and all the big kids waved to the preschoolers.Olivia was so excited to see some of the big kids she knows at St.Therese!  I got to join in on the parade and had so much fun!

 My mom stopped by to see our little teacher in action! I am so blessed to have my mom at the same school as Olivia. She has been such a huge help to me and I know Olivia LOVES that she is able to pop in and say hi!

 Olivia and her friend Teigan!  

The community helpers in Ms. Julie's preschool class!

A portrait of me that Olivia made and was hanging in her classroom!  LOVE IT!

My sweet dad was at morning mass that day and surprised me and Olivia by stopping in to say hi! Thanks dad! So glad you were able to surprise her at her preschool one day before you headed back to work for 10 months!

Working hard!!

I got to pose at the end with my favorite little preschooler!  So grateful I got to leave school for a few hours to be able to experience this special day with all the parents and students in Olivia's preschool class!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Family Pics!

As a mommy I love the camera!  A moment comes and goes and with the lens you can truly freeze time.  I try and remember my babies a year ago and it isn't until I see a photo that I am taken back to that moment and able to remember it so vividly!   Because of this, I am always taking pictures and having our pictures taken!  Michael is such a good sport and always goes along with it, even if it means two cranky kids who have missed naps and want nothing to do with smiling!!!  This was Johnny at our most recent family photo session!  Luckily we had a great photographer and were able to capture many great moments in the park behind Michael's fire station!