Sunday, December 8, 2013

Snow Much Fun!

My kids adore snow! They have been asking a lot lately when we would see snow and be able to go outside and play in it!  I told them last night when they went to sleep that tomorrow might bring snow!  When they got out of bed, after looking for Hank, they rushed to the window to look for snow.  When they saw a little bit outside they cheered to go out... so we bundled up first thing this morning and headed outside!  Johnny was so excited! He was playful and having a blast. Olivia on the other hand had a hard time.  She was soooo hot she stated and was refusing to wear her coat. Sounds like a certain guy I am married to:)  I asked her to put clothes on under her snow pants and I thought she listened as I bundled up Johnny.  When we made it outside she had no shirt on and fought me on wearing her coat!  It wasn't funny in the moment as I was asking her to put her coat and telling her she would be going inside if she refused, but the pictures make me smile.

I'm good now that we got one little bit of snow... we can move on to spring!

"Let's go mom! I'm ready!"

Sooo hot....she just threw her gloves on the ground!

"It's soooo hot out here!"

Johnny was all smiles!

"Can I eat it?"

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