Sunday, December 8, 2013


My kids LOVE Halloween! Dressing up is definitely a favorite activity in Wellsville! For weeks Olivia talked all about wanting to be Sophia the First for the big dress up day! Johnny was undecided for a long time.  He shared ideas like a fireman, policeman, dinosaur, and many different super heroes!  He has been a fireman twice already so we were trying to help him come up with a new idea.  He settled on superman!

Michael worked on the day of Halloween so I was flying solo with trick or treating and passing out candy.  I felt so bad for him that he had to work, he loves Halloween.  He sent me more than one text asking to please text him pictures of the kids dressed up. Sweet :)

I had a classroom party that afternoon and was exhausted!  My super sweet mother-in-law invited us over for dinner when Olivia and I picked up Johnny!  We ate and got dressed at my in-laws and of course took some pictures!

We didn't get to see my parents that night because it took us an HOUR to get home! There was a bad wreck on 169 and I swear we didn't move for 20 minutes.. totally stuck on the highway!  We eventually made it home and went trick or treated with some neighbor friends.  Johnny was SOO funny!  After every house he wanted me to immediately open the candy he got so he could eat it.  I went with it at first, but after way too much candy I started saying no and he went nuts!!  This kid has such a sweet tooth!

To end the night the kids and I passed out candy. I think this was their favorite part. Olivia loved opening the door and greeting the many dressed up kids!  All in all it was a fun night!!

Two pretty girls all smiles!

Smooches for Mema!

Papa and Superman!

One last smile before we hit the road:) Mema, Sophia the First and Superman!

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