Sunday, December 8, 2013

I want to be a teacher!

Olivia's preschool class has been learning all about Community Helpers.  Michael even visited her classroom and spoke about being a firefighter!  My mom also stopped in and spoke about being a teacher and principal!

As a culminating activity each of the kids got to pick what community helper they wanted to be and they dressed up for a parade and a little classroom presentation!I was lucky enough to sneak away from school for a few hours to see Miss Liv all dressed up like a teacher!  When I asked her what she wanted to wear she insisted on having reading glasses! We of course picked out some fake ones and got her a clipboard to carry.  The classroom was set up like a little community.  She was working in the church and school area.  She and her friend Teigan were working in this area and read to me the bible they had made with thier teacher's help. It was adorable!  To end the celebration we paraded through the elementary school and all the big kids waved to the preschoolers.Olivia was so excited to see some of the big kids she knows at St.Therese!  I got to join in on the parade and had so much fun!

 My mom stopped by to see our little teacher in action! I am so blessed to have my mom at the same school as Olivia. She has been such a huge help to me and I know Olivia LOVES that she is able to pop in and say hi!

 Olivia and her friend Teigan!  

The community helpers in Ms. Julie's preschool class!

A portrait of me that Olivia made and was hanging in her classroom!  LOVE IT!

My sweet dad was at morning mass that day and surprised me and Olivia by stopping in to say hi! Thanks dad! So glad you were able to surprise her at her preschool one day before you headed back to work for 10 months!

Working hard!!

I got to pose at the end with my favorite little preschooler!  So grateful I got to leave school for a few hours to be able to experience this special day with all the parents and students in Olivia's preschool class!

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