Thursday, July 14, 2011

Family Fun

The weatherman was calling for rain yesterday so the four of us jumped in our car and headed to Cabella's for some indoor family fun!!  Michael has been working hard on a few side jobs lately so we were thrilled to spend some time with him!! Olivia was sooo excited to see all the fish!  She had a blast feeding the fish with daddy and mommy.  Johnny was a good little guy, just hanging out in his stroller and enjoying the scenery! We had a great time! 
"I'm ready daddy! I want to see the fishies!!"

Our little man!

Best buddies!

Olivia does not like to hold still and smile for the camera!!

Daddy and his little people!

Feeding the fish!  Olivia had a blast!


  1. So cute! And your blog looks amazing!

  2. Love the blog...You are so creative! Where on earth do you find the time to be such an amazing teacher, mom, wife, friend, sister, daughter and person? Truly amazing.