Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Little Rewind

Summer is here and I am loving my time off!!  It has been so nice to sleep in a little, play at the park, go to the pool and just relax!!  I finally have some down time so I am going to focus on updating this blog!!
I was looking through photos on my computer and realized I never made a post back in the spring when Olivia gave up her binky!  This is a HUGE deal!! Michael and I had talked to Olivia several times about the binky fairy and decided to bite the bullet and help our sweetie give up her habit! We knew it might be a painful 24 hours so we wanted to make sure we were the ones to suffer and not Mema or Miss Robin!  While Olivia was napping on a Friday afternoon at the beginning of March the binky fairy stopped by to grab Olivia's binkies.  She woke up to find baby Alive!  She was immediately excited.  The binky fairy left her a note telling her she would be taking Olivia's binkies to the babies at the hospital.  Olivia was quickly into playing and feeding baby Alive.  
After an hour or two she started asking about her binky but Michael and I quickly changes the subject.  We ate pizza, read books and it was time for bed.  This was the time I was dreading! Olivia ALWAYS had her binky anytime she slept.  I went in to lay with her and after an entire hour of crying she fell asleep.  It was heart breaking, but Michael was there to encourage me not to give the binky back!
The next day Olivia woke up happy and wanted to play with her new baby that she decided to name Katie!  She played with her all day and only asked a few times for her binky.  Honestly, each day got a little easier and we are so proud of our little girl!! She sees binkies of Johnny's ever single day and never sticks them in her mouth!!

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