Saturday, November 3, 2012

Pumpkin Fun!

Our little fam hit up the pumpkin patch a few weeks back.  Olivia was so excited to go pick a pumpkin and eat a pumpkin cookie! We headed to Carolyn's for a fun day! The kids loved feeding the animals, going down the slide, dancing on stage and posing for a few great pics.  We had so much fun!!

 I love pumpkins!!

 Lately, she is loving the camera!!

 We love you, daddy!! 

 I'm such a big boy!! 

 Carolyn's had a stage with music playing and Miss Olivia LOVED it!  She walked right up to the front  and started doing her boogie woogie piggy dance from DSOD!!

 I LOVE to dance!!

 Johnny loved it too!

 I love pumpkin cookies!!

 Daddy, this is the one I want!!

 How about this one??

 I got it!

Cheese! What a fun day we had!!

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