Sunday, June 9, 2013

Olivia Turns Four!

Well if you have seen us in the last two weeks, you know Olivia is four!  She has told everyone!  Cracks me up!  We were in Target the other day and she was announcing it to every person we passed by!  I'd say she is pretty proud to be one year older!

Our family and friends joined us at Mercury Gymnastics for a fun filled birthday party to celebrate Miss O!  Olivia was so excited for her big party!  The kids played on all of the fun areas downstairs, we feasted on cupcakes and ice cream and then Sweet O opened her presents!  It was a great day!

My friend Lindsey started a little tradition last year with her daughter and I had to try it too.  Each year you interview the birthday girl (or boy) and ask them the same 20 questions.  I interviewed Olivia and she loved it! I am excited to see how her answers change as she gets older!

 Daddy and the birthday girl!

 Papa giving the birthday girl a smooch!

 Grandad and his favorite four year old! 

 Olivia and Grammie!

 Lori and Michael

 Livy and her buddy, Maggie

 Annie, Olivia, and Maggie

 All the kiddos!

 Rylie and Johnny

 Mr. Joe Brandom

 Matt Jr. and his little sis, Rose

 Jill helping Johnny on the rings:) 

 Love this! Such a good big cousin:)

 And another good big cousin!! Maggie and Livy

 Best buds!!

 Johnny and Mags having fun in the pit


 Dawn and Rose!  This baby girl smiled every time I had the camera out!!

 Johnny's buddy, Joe Springer


 She was so excited to open presents!!


Johnny and Mema!  

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